The sales app designed for the fashion world

Designed for the fashion world

Salety is developed to match apparel and footwear's peculiarities, managing specific needs such as seasonality and size/color system.

Effortless integration

A quick initial setup is all you need to start adding Salety to you sales experience, integrating data and orders with any ERP system.

A complete tool

Salety is the most efficient way to present and sell a fashion collection: the app supports reps during the whole sales stage, from catalog display to order finalization, and provides useful tools for monitoring incomes and managing data.

The ideal partner

Save time, minimize errors and sell more: the direct communication between sales reps and the back office added to real-time access to the same information result in a shorter time for processing orders, so you can focus on your business and customers.

Bring your sales to the next level

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